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Pattern pins, seam ripper

Needle grab, Prym, 71-012
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Grabs for needles. Round plate made of very thin rubber, Used when sewing thick or several layers of..

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Ripper 14 cm, 71-020
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Seam ripper - a tool for ripping seams. Long handle and thin curved blade get to hard-to-reach place..

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Ripper small, Prym 11.3 cm, 71-022
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Prym seam ripper , seam ripper. When working, the soft handle fits comfortably in the hand, does not..

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Glass head pins, 0.6*43mm, 70-042
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Production - Czech Republic. Quantity - 20 g. Size - 0.6*43mm..

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Curved pins , 70-044
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For the convenience of connecting several layers of dense fabrics. Quantity - 50 pcs. Size - 38 mm..

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